“I was very impressed by your honest and knowledgeable recommendations for my carpets. Prompt and Professional service is something that I value, in addition to the effective cleaning of my carpets.”

Colleen Mellott

“My overall opinion is that you are talented, and the work is wonderful! I specifically like the cleaner air after a cleaning. Compared to other cleaners I’ve had, you’re the best.”

Sharon Maclean (Publisher)

” Dan’s comes at a time that suits me, and is on time and very thorough. The last cleaners we used left a muddy mess, but Dan’s effectively cleaned our carpets, the first time.”

Doreen Zuk

” Over-all Dan’s does a very thorough job and is always on time. I was glad to see that all of the dog spots and stains were removed. I got what I paid for, an excellent job, thanks Dan.”

Debbie Pearson

” Dan is a wealth of information, he supplied me with tips on how to care for the carpets, hardwood floors and even had suggestions on the best vacuum. In addition to all of this he removed doggy stains that I was sure would be permanent.”

Monica Murdoch (Dental Hygienist)

” I have been dealing with Dan’s since 1997 and have always received excellent service. This knowledgeable, personal service counts the most with me. When we moved into our new home, we called Dan on very short notice, somehow he arrived to save the day.”

Wendy Grahl (Business Owner)

“Nice and Clean. Very prompt service. Dan was most accommodating with the short notice we gave him. My carpets look beautiful.”

John Smith

“He did a great job, very thorough. He responded fast and is very friendly and knowledgeable. Dan was very helpful. Why aren’t all cleaners like this.”

Carrie Penner

” Amazing – more expensive but it was definitely worthwhile. The extra care taken to get the job done made for a pleasant cleaning experience. I will happily refer your company”.

Karen Klak

“Although you charge a little more than other companies, the service you provided was second to none. My carpets have never looked better and you are the only carpet cleaner that has ever shown up on time. From now on you are the only carpet cleaner I will use”.

Doreen Gratton (Store Manager)